Panel Organization

Panel organizers should contact all presenters in their session before the conference to confirm expectations and procedures. Please see the notes below about laptops.

Each 80-minute session has five 15-minute presentation slots, including discussant slots. Any unused presentation slots can be used for Q&A, or the time can be allocated to panelists so that they can give presentations longer than 15 minutes. For example, a session with three papers and a discussant can have 15-minute paper presentations, a 15-minute discussant presentation, and then 20 minutes at the end for Q&A; or 20 minute paper presentations, a 15-minute discussant presentation, and then 5 minutes for Q&A; etc. This is up to session organizers, so panelists, please reach out to them for details on your specific panel.

There will be max. 3 sessions reserved for one panel – i.e. max. 15 papers presented per panel. No parallel conferences – we want people and topics to mix and crossbreed!


Ballrooms will be equipped with a projector, screen, mics, and speakers. All other rooms will be equipped with a projector and screen, but no mics and speakers. Laptop computers and any necessary connecting cables and adapters will need to be provided by participants (session organizers/chairs are responsible for setting up and checking the projector). It is recommended that all PowerPoint presentations be run from the same computer to ensure smooth transitions. Please arrive early, with your file on a USB thumb drive.

Internet Access

Our expectation is that free wi‐fi will be available throughout all meeting areas. However, Internet access can never be guaranteed at a given time on a given day. If you plan your presentation around the Internet, you do so at your own risk. We recommend that you download assets such as videos and screenshots as a backup.

Remote Presentations

As local organizers we support remote participation at the Prague conference 2020. We recognize it is an important element of increasing ecological sustainability of academic meeting and of inclusiveness. Also, both EASST and 4S consider remote participation as an important communication mode that should become integral to future meetings.

There will be two options of remote participation in Prague: synchronous presentation and pre-recorded presentation.

Synchronous presentation: We have a limited number of digitally well-equipped seminar rooms for synchronous presentation (i.e. with cameras and microphones enabling the remote participant to see and hear what the others say; preferred software for this mode of communication is Zoom).

Pre-recorded presentation: We offer the possibility of pre-recorded presentation in form of an audio-visual record sent beforehand to the session organiser. The presentation will be projected during its respective panel session as a standard paper (please keep to the strict length of presentation communicated to you). However, the audience cannot pose direct questions and the remote presenter will not have chance to response to them and participate in the discussion.

Based on the demand for remote participation, the Local organizing committee and the Programme committee will decide which of the two remote participation options will be offered to the panels involving remote participants.

If you wish to present remotely please tick the remote participation box in the submission platform. The conference fee for remote participants will be the same as for those who will be physically present in Prague.

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